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The Affinity Doors Difference

custom doorsWhat does geography have to do with creating custom wooden doors? Everything.

First, we send our tree scientists to Africa to examine and select the individual trees that ultimately become your wooden door. Brilliant mahogany and refined alder are two of our favorites. This rigorous hand selection process ensures that your wooden door has the durability, refinement and elegance bespeaking some of the world's; greatest entryways.

Next, our artists and craftsman use centuries' old techniques developed in Italy, France, China, and Japan to carve away the excess leaving only smooth surfaces, innovative designs, and creative inspiration to which all luxury doors and handcrafted custom doors aspire.

Your home is special. It may have a great view. It may be a great place to have friends over for a movie, or to share a great bottle of '82 Lafite. It may just be a great place to escape the everyday. That is why an entryway with custom etched glass, or a wrought iron door made to reflect your family's seal, has come to symbolize an inviting oasis, whether it is a home theater door, an island lifestyle door, or a wine cellar door.

Finally, where your custom door resides is important to us as well. We kiln dry all wooden doors to the custom moisture level that is best suited for your custom wood door's final location. Kiln-drying your door to the proper moisture level ensures longevity, durability and resilience that makes Affinity Doors the world's best custom wood doors.

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