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Custom Doors and Wooden Doors

custom doors Custom doors are just that, custom. Even though we have hundreds of wooden doors, wrought iron doors, and specialty glass doors designed by our team of artisans and craftsmen, we know that custom doors make your entryway unique, as unique as its owners.

What separates Affinity Doors from its competitors is simple. Customer service. We work with our clients through every phase of the design process, from initial concept and design all the way through to finishing and installation. Our wooden doors are not pre-fabricated in a plant churning out thousands of doors for the big home improvement centers. Our wooden doors are one of a kind. Whether you choose an exotic wood like mahogany or alder and then use a unique finish, or go for a distressed look, the custom doors you design will match your dreams and exceed your expectations.

Creating custom doors is a labor of love for the artists and designers at Affinity. After the custom doors are hand crafted and the construction is completed, we introduce an industry leading 19 step furniture grade finishing process. Feel the smoothness (or lack thereof) of finish on regular wooden doors and then feel the smoothness of finish on a Chippendale sideboard, and you will begin to understand the Affinity Doors difference. As a result our wooden doors more closely resemble a fine piece of furniture, or work of art than simply a wooden door.

Because our custom doors use wood that has been hand selected for quality, grain aesthetics, and natural beauty, the resulting custom doors deliver the highest quality. It is no wonder that our doors are found in some of the world's premier homes, churches, universities, and buildings throughout North America.