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Historic Reproduction Doors

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Historic reproduction doors are often made because someone admires a door from the past. Other times, it can be because an old door from a home has been destroyed and all that remains is a picture. That is where Affinity Doors comes in. We can reproduce your precious memories in mahogany or alder so that they are durable and can stand the test of time.

These historic reproductions are unique. By unique we mean one­of ­a ­kind , because how can you reproduce the past without the unique quality of historic hand carved methods. Hand carving means just that, done by hand, created by a person, no a craftsman, who is instilled with a work ethic and drive to take the extra steps needed to create for you.

These custom wood entry doors are works of art. Hearken back to a time when everything wasn't mass produced, when time spent represented quality, when getting the job done right was more important than just getting the job done. Hand carving is the essence of that commitment to quality.

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