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Welcome to our Home Theater Door section! This section highlights some of the best home theater doors developed by our design team. Whether you are looking for a home theater entrance that is subtle or are looking to have a paneled door that evokes the grand theaters of the 1920s and 1930s, Affinity Doors can create what you desire.

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Your Home Theater

The 1920s was the birth of cinema. People would turn off their radios and walk down to the local theater and watch the newsreels of flappers doing the Charleston and great deMille films. It was also a time of great artistic awakening with the Harlem Renaissance, jazz and great literature.

Our home theater door designs and custom millwork are all created to meet the individual needs of our clients. That means whatever the source of inspiration, we can provide a wooden home theater door, beveled glass door, or any combination to you’re your theater that touch of class to any night of entertainment.

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