Island Lifestyles Doors

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Welcome to our Island Lifestyles Door section! This section highlights some of our most creative doors, designed with the islands in mind. Whether you are looking for a custom wood entryway designed to reflect your seaside location, your waterside retreat, or perhaps your island home, Affinity Doors can bring your vision to life.

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Wood Doors from the Islands

When you travel to the Caribbean, or the Seychelles, or even French Polynesia, your mind suddenly relaxes. All of the stresses of the past seem to melt away for a short time at least. Our island series wood entry doors and interior wood doors are meant to evoke that same feeling of freedom and relaxation. Let your island door reflect that one particular harbor that provides shelter from the storm at your home.

These custom wood entry doors are works of art. The same designs that you see in Tahiti and Hawaii are brought to life by our top designers and craftsmen. And if in your travels, you see a wood door that you like, take a picture and we can create it for you. All it takes is a simple picture to create the door you need to complete your home.

Because all of our doors are kiln-dried to the specific relative humidity of the area the door is going to be installed, rest assured that these doors are built to last the test of time.

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