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Custom Wood Door Information

Home  - The main starting point for finding out about Affinity Doors, custom wood doors and custom entryways, wrought iron doors, specialty glass doors, and our designer and panel series doors.

Custom Doors Galleries  - All of our custom door galleries are contained here including: wrought iron door gallery, specialty glass gallery, wine cellar door gallery, island lifestyles door gallery, home theater door gallery, hand carved wood door gallery, and our designer and panel series door galleries.

Door Design Plans  - Need inspiration in creating your custom wood door, take a look at these wood door plans.

The Affinity Doors Difference  - Our custom made doors are as individual as the client who designs them. This is our story.

Dealer Showrooms  - Our custom doors can be ordered throughout the United States and can be viewed in premium wood door dealers throughout Southern California. We have chosen these dealers for their knowledge of our wrought iron doors, custom wood doors, specialty glass doors, door reproductions, and their commitment to meeting every need of the customer.

Truly Custom Door Ideas for Designers  - This section highlights what we do for designers who are looking to create custom doors and entryways for their clients. Take a look at our Designer Series door galleries.

Luxury Door Ideas for Architects  - Architects are some of our best clients. They have the vision and foresight to create outstanding entranceways for their clients. Take a look at our Panels series as well and see how some of our favorite architects have created great interior spaces with home theater doors, wine cellar doors and island doors.

Custom Door Styles

Rustic Iron Doors  - Our wrought iron doors, rustic iron doors and entranceways, and iron door accessories make a great option for those looking at exterior doors or even interior wrought iron wine cellar doors.

Panel Doors  - Our panels series highlights hand carved doors with panels, which make a custom wood door special.

Specialty Glass Doors  - glass doors and custom wood and glass doors and entryways are highlighted here, so if you are looking at out how Affinity Doors can create a luminescent space for a wood entry or interior space, this section describes it all.

Designers Series Doors  - Our designer series wood doors and entryways highlight the best designers working in hand carved surfaces today.

Hand Carved Doors  - Hand carving of custom wood doors is something that is a centuries old tradition. Our craftsmen use their experience to create doors that are wood, glass, and wrought iron, and have a beauty and elegance that is befitting a custom wood door from Affinity Doors.

Island Lifestyle Doors  - Our island lifestyle doors reflect the island doors that are seen in the Caribbean, in Tahiti, and Hawaii and bring a special feeling of the island to your home.

Wine Cellar Doors  - Our wine cellar doors, wrought iron wine cellar doors, and custom wood wine cellar doors offer a great compliment to any wine cellar. These doors can be a simple or as grand as your taste allows.

Home Theater Doors  - Our home theater doors, home theater entranceways and specialty doors are one of a kind. Each custom door is created by hand and designed based on your specific ideas.

Historic Reproduction Doors  - Our custom historic reproduction doors can be built to your exacting standards so that the antique doors resemble the style of the original, so whether you are creating a custom door to replace an original, or you just found a wrought iron or wood door that you just can’t live without, we can help make your dreams come true.

Custom Wood Door Finishes

Luxury Door Finishes  - Custom doors require custom finishes, and our wide range of finishes and accessories are located here.

Mahogany Stains  - The diversity of mahogany is that it takes a wide variety of stains which match any style. Our custom door craftsmen use a time tested method of application to create a beautifully finished piece.

Other Staining Options  - We also offer other staining options for our wood doors so that if you need an antique or reproduction door surface, we can work with you to meet your needs.

Glass Finishes  - Glass door etching, coloring and finishing takes a serious craftsmen with serious know how. See the many options here.

Wrought Iron Door Finishes  - Wrought iron doors come in many different finishes. Check out our finishes for these wrought iron doors and wine cellars.

Premium Hinges  - We have a wide variety of hinges and other accessories to meet any door installation challenge to complete the look.

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