Specialty Glass Doors

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Welcome to our Specialty Glass Doors Series section! Our best glass door creations are highlighted here along with other specialty wood entry door creations. Whether you are looking for a custom wood entryway designed with colored, opaque, or clear glass, or you are looking to create a special leaded glass look for a special entryway, Affinity Doors can bring your vision to life.

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Glass ­ Shining Brightly

The beauty of using a material like glass together with a custom wood door is its versatility. Glass can be used as an element to lighten a wood or wrought iron door, or can be used alone a focal point in creating a unique design element.

Colored glass doors and windows have held a special place in the mind’s eye since well before the Renaissance when the glass etcher's guild had secret methods and lengthy apprenticeships to create luxury glass doors and windows for the great European cathedrals of Chartres and Notre Dame. These cathedrals represent what the play of light and color produce when applied to glass.

Just like the guilds of the past, we have a separate group of craftsmen who do nothing but create in glass. These craftspeople have been working in the medium for decades, and when combined with our craftsmen in wood and iron create a symphony of glass entry doors and interior glass doors that are almost beyond the imagination. If you find something that you like in our galleries of great custom wood doors with specialty glass, we can recreate that image for you.

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