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Washington DC Area Custom Wooden Doors

custom doors Custom doors and wooden doors in the Capital reflect the unique and vibrant history of the area. From an unlimited array of wood entry doors options, Affinity Doors helps you select and uniquely integrate the elements of form and function that transforms your vision into a blueprint for reality.

There are really an unlimited number of wooden door possibilities, wrought iron, and glass door designs that we can create for you. Whether you want to create your own design ideas on the back of a napkin, get a designer involved, or select from our hundreds of door designs from our Custom Doors Gallery, we can make your dream a reality.

We kiln dry all wooden doors to the custom moisture level that is best suited for your custom wood door's final location. Kiln-drying your door to the proper moisture level ensures longevity, durability and resilience that make Affinity Doors the world's best custom wood doors. Washington has a different relative humidity than Houston. For example, take a look at the average humidity in your area. We produce doors that are built not only for you, but also your terrior.

Washington DC Area Custom Doors Relative Humidity Report

Washington Wooden Doors

After the wood entry doors are built, we introduce an industry leading 19-step furniture grade finishing process. Then, we employ hand sanding six different times throughout this process to get your custom doors finished to the highest standards. Lastly, we top-coat our custom entry doors with marine layer finishes to better protect against the elements, including steamy summers.

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