Wine Cellar Doors

 wine cellar doors custom hand carved doors wrought iron wine cellar door custom wood door

Welcome to our Wine Cellar Door section! This section highlights some of the best wine cellar door creations we have developed. Whether you are looking for a iron wine cellar door, or a custom wood door with grape leaves with in vino veritas inscribed onto the panel of the door, Affinity can create what you desire.

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Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

For the truly cellar look and feel, many of our clients have incorporated the look of wrought iron into their cellar door design. Why? Maybe it is because a cellar should be under lock and key, or maybe is just looks great. Either way, wrought iron doors allow you to see the bounty beyond, without actually touching the precious cargo.

Perhaps you prefer Bordeaux, perhaps Burgundy, perhaps Sauternes. Or maybe you like New World wines from Screaming Eagle or Kosta Browne. These wines carry a special meaning in your mind. A memory of a first barrel sample, or perhaps the first year you bought futures. Whatever the case, your wine cellar door needs to reflect the passion you have for your wine.

A bumper sticker reads, "Life is too short to drink bad wine." Shouldn 't that be the case with your wine cellar door as well?

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