Specialty Wood Panel Doors

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Welcome to our Special Door Panels Series section! This section highlights some of our best creations when it comes to panel doors, and other specialty wood entry door creations. Whether you are looking for a custom wood entryway designed by you or one of our designers, or you are looking to create a series of high­end interior wood doors for your home, Affinity Doors can bring your vision to life.

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Panel Doors

There really is no typical panel door. They can take the shape of French doors which open to the outside to reveal a grand porch or patio garden. They can be constructed of various woods to create the illusion of depth. They can be smaller, giving way to an alcove or a hidden wine cellar. Whatever the possibilities, Affinity Doors can create the custom entry door or interior wood door to meet your needs.

Because panels represent the first adornment placed on wooden doors, craftsman for hundreds of years have been honing their skills with this door style and have been able to create magic over and over again. Just think of the elaborate wood panel doors from the halls of Versailles. This regal summer palace has the grandeur that reflects a level of craftsmanship virtually unequalled since. Our craftsmen aspire to reach that level of quality and take the same painstaking approach to create a unique panel door for you or your client.

Our panel series doors on display in our galleries represent great, creative design ideas for you to build on. If you find something that you like in our list of great custom wood doors, we can recreate that image for you.

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