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Custom Entry Doors and Wood Entry Doors

custom doors

Custom entry doors and wood entry doors are something special; special for the owner and just as importantly, special for your guests who come visit you. We encourage you to explore the limits of your imagination and test the boundaries of innovation when it comes to designing your custom entry doors. From a virtually unlimited array of wood entry doors options, Affinity Doors helps you select and uniquely integrate the elements of form and function that transforms your vision into a blueprint for reality.

Our professional designers will listen to your needs, interpret and create, to reveal the detailed rendering of your custom entry doors.

Creating custom entry doors that are amazing is the commitment the artists and designers at Affinity provide. After the wood entry doors are hand crafted and the construction is completed, we introduce an industry leading 19 step furniture grade finishing process. Feel the smoothness of finish on ordinary wood entry doors and then feel the smoothness of finish on a Henkel Harris sideboard, and you will begin to understand what makes Affinity Doors different. As a result our custom entry doors more closely resemble a fine works of art than simply an ordinary door.

We employ hand sanding six different times throughout this process, use rubbed oils, glazes and spray stains to get your wood entry doors finished to the highest standards. Lastly, we top-coat our custom entry doors with marine layer finishes to better protect against the elements no matter what the conditions. These layers ensure the longevity of the wood entry doors.